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CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program – it’s the athletic stuff everyone needs, and in the literal sense, it trains you to exert power beginning in your hips and moving through your torso and into your arms and legs, feet and hands. Its prescription is constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement. It is the sport of fitness.


        At CrossFit Tierra our purpose is to help people and communities become healthier and fitter. We envision everyone we work with increasing their ability to apply their force over greater distances, in decreasing time, within as many modalities as possible. We approach this purpose by operating…


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At CrossFit Tierra we mentor at multiple levels. Daily we teach and lead each other through our own athletic development. And there lies our most fulfilling rewards: focusing on others. First we serve our adult clients passionately searching to improve our teaching and motivating abilities. Second we serve our staff…

Come work with us at CrossFit Tierra, on the northeast corner of Rich Beam and Montana in far east El Paso, 12821 Montana, in the back part of the building.

Our coaches

Roman Lopez

He embraced the culture of constant learning to include getting his level one trainer certification. Applying skills learned from his physical therapy work, Roman coaches with attention to detail to ensure proper form and graduated development of all moves to maximize performance while minimizing risk. He wants the best for all athletes he coaches.

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Cathleen Hallett

Her passion for Crossfit and the budding CF Tierra community inspired her to get her Level One Trainer certification. Now she leads the gym’s BeautyFit program as she guides Tierra women to lifelong health and fitness.

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Nancy Lopez

Nancy came to CrossFit with an innate passion to meet challenges. Starting from a young age she was the only person from her extended family who has been involved in sport: basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, tennis. Physical activities have always come easy to her. As an adult she finally found CrossFit and felt at home in the constant challenges of daily competition with herself and the constantly varied new movements, movement combinations, and camaraderie.

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Tabatha Fuson

Her quest to figure out the best workout methods finally culminated in the constantly varied, highly intense, functionality of CrossFit. She leapt in with all earnestness. She got her CrossFit Trainer certification.

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